The COVID-19 pandemic

Recent updates and extensions include information on remote access and video conferencing following the COVID-19 pandemic, see and (via See also DPHPC Wellbeing Guide 2020 and Mental Health Contacts.

There is a Slack channel as with a dedicated channel for COVID-19 related, and other channels in Slack for Cambridge-wide researchers discussing COVID-19 research approaches. There are also Microsoft Teams for DPHPC: and for IPH: (sign in with your user account / Raven password).

Information is available on testing COVID-19 for staff and students.

Access to SRL (in phases from Monday June 22nd 2020) requires email (Address: 2 Worts' Causeway, Cambridge CB1 8RN, Phone: 01223 748600) to make appointments at least 24 hours’ notice of intention to come onsite.

The government's Roadmap out of lockdown


Back to the office policy CEU

23 September 2022


  • Working in the office will have many advantages: creating opportunities to improve creativity, collaboration, efficiency, training, enjoyment.
  • Every situation is different, and we try to do our best to accommodate everyone’s wishing as much as possible
  • Working from home has many advantages, and we don’t want to lose these.

Hybrid working policy:

  • We encourage people to come into the office, preferable at least 60% of their time.
  • There will be one CEU day per week where we hope most of the colleagues will be in.
  • If someone’s work will require to be in the office because it will be difficult to do from home (at the discretion of the line manager), staff are expected to come in.
  • Line managers will work with their team which days they will be in, but will also discuss with their individual team members on exceptions to coming into the office.
  • Meetings will have hybrid options (in person combined with video conference)
  • Start from 26th September 2022, but acknowledge a transition period.
  • This Hybrid working policy is a pilot, with review Q1 2023.