How to contribute to cambridge-ceu

Assuming you have registered a GitHub account, simply contact owner of a repository to add yourself as a contributor.

As adapted from Apress, a more general approach involves the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have a GitHub account.
  2. Fork a repository.
  3. Create a new branch on which to make your change, e.g. git checkout -b your_initials_or_description
  4. Commit your change. Include a commit message describing the correction. Please note that if your commit message is not clear, the correction will not be accepted.
  5. Submit a pull request from your_initials_or_description.

An example is given in More generally, it would be similar to these instructions to GDAL.

Technical guides and enhancements

CAUTION (legacy) -- there are issues under cardio on GitHub synchronisation so it is appropriate to use git pull but not git push which can replace files on the server with empty ones for no reasons. Sometimes it is necessary to disable the pop-up window as described in


This is in line with or somewhat mirrors University's policies for HPC.


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GitHub education and AWS Educate at the university, courses.


Thanks to Amy Mason for links on learning brachnes and University training courses.