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ceuadmin modules are piling up
Alphapept and pyOpenMS are documented
snipar is added to csd3
DNAnexus is documented
PSPP 1.6.0 is documented
CookHLA documented in csd3
The latest METAL is described
circos is documented at csd3
METRO is documented
snakemake documentation updated
SPACox is documented
finemap is documented
SurvivalGWAS_SV in documented
qtltools documented at csd3
Genotype Harmonizer documented on csd3
GitHub Education programme
Rfast 2.0.4 documented at csd3
aria2 is documented at csd3
Cytoscape 3.9.0 is documented at csd3
PLINK installation is documented at csd3
2022 events built up
The latest GCTA is documented at csd3
UK Biobank Scientific Conference open for registration
Setup of R 4.1.2 with icelake is documented at csd3
regenie 2.2.4 is documented at csd3
Ensembl-VEP 104 installation is documented at csd3
18th Armitage Lecture takes registration
Information is avilable on 2022 Cambridge Science Festival
Biostatistics for chronic diseases
Cambridge-Baker Joint Symposium
cardiometabolic_prs_plasma_proteome is forked into cambridge-ceu
gsl documentation is updated
ldsc is available from csd3
Visual Studio code is described in csd3
Mendelian Randomization Conference 2021, July 7-9
2020 JIF is available
genebass is described with hail
EWAS-fusion is forked into cambridge-ceu
EasyQC is now documented in csd3!
SEGEG registration is open
citeproc is now documented in csd3!
Welcome to cambridge-ceu!