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CSD3 module

The module is loaded with

module load ceuadmin/ldsc

and one can run python smoothly as documented.


We proceed as follows for installation into HPC_WORK=/rds/user/$USER/hpc-work,

module load python/2.7
virtualenv py27
source py27/bin/activate
cd ${HPC_WORK}
git clone
cd ldsc
pip install -r requirements.txt
wget | \
bzip2 -d

The last two commands also gets the HapMap 3 SNP list. It is worthwhile to note that


We use the GIANT BMI data,

wget -qO- | \
gunzip -c > BMI.txt
python --sumstats BMI.txt --a1 Tested_Allele --a2 Other_Allele --merge-alleles w_hm3.snplist --out BMI --a1-inc

Note the munging procedure requests large resources and will be terminated by CSD3, so we better test with a SLURM job instead.


Heritability partition

We now complete the download on frequencies, baseline model LD scores, and regression weights and furnish this.

wget -qO- | tar xvfz -
wget -qO- | tar xvfz -
wget -qO- | tar xvfz -

Our batch file is as follows,


#SBATCH --job-name=BMI
#SBATCH --partition cardio
#SBATCH --qos=cardio
#SBATCH --mem=28800
#SBATCH --time=5-00:00:00
#SBATCH --output=/rds/user/jhz22/hpc-work/work/_BMI_%A_%a.out
#SBATCH --error=/rds/user/jhz22/hpc-work/work/_BMI_%A_%a.err
#SBATCH --export ALL

export TMPDIR=/rds/user/$USER/hpc-work/work

module load python/2.7
source ${HOME}/py27/bin/activate
cd ${HPC_WORK}/ldsc
python --sumstats BMI.txt --a1 Tested_Allele --a2 Other_Allele --merge-alleles w_hm3.snplist --out BMI --a1-inc
	--h2 BMI.sumstats.gz\
	--ref-ld-chr baseline/baseline.\
	--w-ld-chr weights_hm3_no_hla/weights.\
	--frqfile-chr 1000G_frq/1000G.mac5eur.\
	--out BMI_baseline

and our results are contained in the tab-delimited file named BMI_baseline.result – note in particular the CNS enrichment P=8.30e-24.

Cell type analysis

We carry on with the download,

wget -qO- | \
tar xvfz -

and for CNS, we have

        --h2 BMI.sumstats.gz\
        --w-ld-chr weights_hm3_no_hla/weights.\
        --ref-ld-chr cell_type_groups/CNS.,baseline/baseline.\
        --frqfile-chr 1000G_frq/1000G.mac5eur.\
        --out BMI_CNS\

and our results are now contained in the tab-delimited file named BMI_CNS.results.

We next use the --h2-cts option with the Cahoy data analysis in a nutshell,

export cts_name=Cahoy
wget -qO-${cts_name}_1000Gv3_ldscores.tgz | \
tar xfvz -
wget -qO- | \
tar xvfz -\
    --h2-cts BMI.sumstats.gz \
    --ref-ld-chr 1000G_EUR_Phase3_baseline/baseline. \
    --out BMI_${cts_name} \
    --ref-ld-chr-cts $cts_name.ldcts \
    --w-ld-chr weights_hm3_no_hla/weights.

The output BMI_Cahoy.cell_type_results.txt is sufficiently small to include here,

Name Coefficient Coefficient_std_error Coefficient_P_value
Neuron 4.4874060288359995e-09 2.48025909733557e-09 0.035206172355899706
Oligodendrocyte 8.067689953393081e-10 2.569340962599481e-09 0.376761120478732
Astrocyte -4.036699628095808e-09 2.0886996416620756e-09 0.9733595763245972

In line with the finding above, we have a P=0.035 for neurons.

Genetic correlation

We carry on to calculate the genetic correlation (rg) between BMI and height. First, we obtain the LD scores,

wget -qO- | \
tar xjf -

followed by downloading and munging height GWAS summary statistics

wget -qO- | \
gunzip -c > height.txt
python --sumstats height.txt \
                         --snp MarkerName --a1 Allele1 --a2 Allele2 --merge-alleles w_hm3.snplist --p p --out height --a1-inc

but again it will be killed and we need a SLURM job as above. On CSD3, it took a staggering 14hr.

Our analysis then proceeds with

python \
      --rg BMI.sumstats.gz,height.sumstats.gz \
      --ref-ld-chr eur_w_ld_chr/ \
      --w-ld-chr eur_w_ld_chr/ \
      --out BMI_height

It took just under 16s and BMI_height.log contains the desired output quoted below

* LD Score Regression (LDSC)
* Version 1.0.1
* (C) 2014-2019 Brendan Bulik-Sullivan and Hilary Finucane
* Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard / MIT Department of Mathematics
* GNU General Public License v3
./ \
--ref-ld-chr eur_w_ld_chr/ \
--out BMI_height \
--rg BMI.sumstats.gz,height.sumstats.gz \
--w-ld-chr eur_w_ld_chr/

Beginning analysis at Wed Aug  4 07:11:02 2021
Reading summary statistics from BMI.sumstats.gz ...
Read summary statistics for 1019865 SNPs.
Reading reference panel LD Score from eur_w_ld_chr/[1-22] ... (ldscore_fromlist)
Read reference panel LD Scores for 1290028 SNPs.
Removing partitioned LD Scores with zero variance.
Reading regression weight LD Score from eur_w_ld_chr/[1-22] ... (ldscore_fromlist)
Read regression weight LD Scores for 1290028 SNPs.
After merging with reference panel LD, 1014995 SNPs remain.
After merging with regression SNP LD, 1014995 SNPs remain.
Computing rg for phenotype 2/2
Reading summary statistics from height.sumstats.gz ...
Read summary statistics for 1217311 SNPs.
After merging with summary statistics, 1014995 SNPs remain.
993172 SNPs with valid alleles.

Heritability of phenotype 1
Total Observed scale h2: 0.2104 (0.0066)
Lambda GC: 2.7872
Mean Chi^2: 3.9573
Intercept: 1.0292 (0.0298)
Ratio: 0.0099 (0.0101)

Heritability of phenotype 2/2
Total Observed scale h2: 0.342 (0.0176)
Lambda GC: 2.0007
Mean Chi^2: 2.9726
Intercept: 1.2239 (0.033)
Ratio: 0.1135 (0.0167)

Genetic Covariance
Total Observed scale gencov: 0.1517 (0.0047)
Mean z1*z2: 2.0178
Intercept: 0.738 (0.0148)

Genetic Correlation
Genetic Correlation: 0.5656 (0.0081)
Z-score: 70.1339
P: 0.

Summary of Genetic Correlation Results
p1                  p2      rg      se        z    p  h2_obs  h2_obs_se  h2_int  h2_int_se  gcov_int  gcov_int_se
BMI.sumstats.gz  height.sumstats.gz  0.5656  0.0081  70.1339  0.0   0.342     0.0176  1.2239      0.033     0.738       0.0148

Analysis finished at Wed Aug  4 07:11:18 2021
Total time elapsed: 15.56s

and rg=0.57.