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The popular git can be loaded,

git --help
git add --help


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The executables (oocalc, ooffice, ooimpress, oomath, ooviewdoc, oowriter) are in the /usr/bin directory and can be conveniently called from the console, e.g.,

oowriter README.docx

to load the Word document.


Official website:

module avail matlab
module load matlab/r2019b

followed by matlab.


One could access databases elsewhere, e.g., at UCSC – see examples on VEP.

There isn't any MySQL cluster running as a general service on CSD3. Do you believe your group has something running on a VM hosted on our network possibly? If you need a database for your work, running it in your own department and then allowing access to it from CSD3. Databases are not suitable candidates to run on a HPC cluster, the resource requirements are different and by definition they need to be running continuously whilst access is required, so wouldn't be run via SLURM for example.


See languages section,


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module load ceuadmin/pspp

with command-line tool pspp and a GUI counterpart psppire.


Due to increase of size, the entry is moved here,


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We issue module avail ceuadmin/stata to give,

----------------------------------------------------------------- /usr/local/Cluster-Config/modulefiles -----------------------------------------------------------------
ceuadmin/stata/14  ceuadmin/stata/15  ceuadmin/stata/16

e.g., as a CEU member the following is possible,

module load ceuadmin/stata/14

The meta-analysis (metan) and Mendelian Randomisation (mrrobust) packages can be installed as follows,

ssc install metan
net install mrrobust, from("") replace

It is now also possible systemwide, with module avail stata giving

-------------------------------------------------- /usr/local/Cluster-Config/modulefiles --------------------------------------------------
stata/14 stata/17 stata/18

so as to use module load stata; stata