The CEU software repository is here, /usr/local/Cluster-Apps/ceuadmin/.


A word cloud diagram is generated from the following R script, noting that the importance of software is purely random according to \(Poisson(N,\lambda)\) where \(N=191\), \(\lambda=3\).

ceuadmin <- Sys.getenv("CEUADMIN")
modules <- setdiff(dir(ceuadmin),c("doc","lib","misc","sources"))
docs <- Corpus(VectorSource(modules))
m <- TermDocumentMatrix(docs) %>%
words <- sort(rowSums(m),decreasing=TRUE) 
freq <- rpois(length(words),lambda=3)
wordcloud(names(words), freq, min.freq = 1, max.words=200, random.order=FALSE, rot.per=0.35, colors=brewer.pal(8, "Dark2"))


The current list is as follows,

  [1] "ABCtoolbox"            "akt"                   "allegro"
  [4] "alpine"                "Anaconda3"             "annovar"
  [7] "aria2"                 "autoconf"              "axel"
 [10] "bazel"                 "bcftools"              "Beagle"
 [13] "bedops"                "bedtools2"             "bgen"
 [16] "biobank"               "blat"                  "boltlmm"
 [19] "brotli"                "busybox"               "CaVEMaN"
 [22] "CAVIAR"                "CAVIARBF"              "ccal"
 [25] "circos"                "citeproc"              "cppunit"
 [28] "crossmap"              "Cytoscape"             "DEPICT"
 [31] "DjVuLibre"             "docbook2X"             "DosageConverter"
 [34] "Eagle"                 "enchant"               "ensembl-vep"
 [37] "exiv2"                 "exomeplus"             "expat"
 [40] "FastQTL"               "fcGENE"                "ffmpeg"
 [43] "fgwas"                 "finemap"               "fossil"
 [46] "fribidi"               "GARFIELD"              "gatk"
 [49] "gcta"                  "gdal"                  "gdc"
 [52] "geany"                 "GEM"                   "GEMMA"
 [55] "Genotype-Harmonizer"   "gettext"               "gh"
 [58] "ghc"                   "ghostscript"           "git"
 [61] "git-extras"            "GitKraken"             "glib"
 [64] "globusconnectpersonal" "gmp"                   "gnutls"
 [67] "googletest"            "graphene"              "GraphicsMagick"
 [70] "GreenAlgorithms4HPC"   "gsl"                   "gtk+"
 [73] "gtksourceview"         "gtool"                 "hpg"
 [76] "htslib"                "hunspell"              "icu"
 [79] "ImageJ"                "impute"                "JabRef"
 [82] "JAGS"                  "jq"                    "KentUtils"
 [85] "KING"                  "lapack"                "ldc2"
 [88] "ldsc"                  "LDstore"               "LEMMA"
 [91] "libcares"              "libgit2"               "libglvnd"
 [94] "libiconv"              "libidn2"               "libntlm"
 [97] "libpng"                "libsodium"             "libssh2"
[100] "libuv"                 "libxml2"               "libxslt"
[103] "locuszoom"             "MAGENTA"               "magma"
[106] "Mega2"                 "metal"                 "MONSTER"
[109] "MORGAN"                "MR-MEGA"               "MsCAVIAR"
[112] "nano"                  "ncbi-vdb"              "ncurses"
[115] "netbeans"              "nettle"                "NLopt"
[118] "node"                  "nspr"                  "oniguruma"
[121] "openjdk"               "OpenMS"                "openssl"
[124] "osca"                  "PAINTOR"               "pandoc"
[127] "pandoc-citeproc"       "pango"                 "parallel"
[130] "Pascal"                "pcre2"                 "pdf2djvu"
[133] "pdfjam"                "phenoscanner"          "PhySO"
[136] "plink"                 "plink-bgi"             "plinkseq"
[139] "PoGo"                  "polyphen"              "poppler"
[142] "proj"                  "PRSice"                "pspp"
[145] "PWCoCo"                "qctool"                "qpdf"
[148] "qt"                    "qtcreator"             "QTLtools"
[151] "quarto"                "quicktest"             "R"
[154] "raremetal"             "rclone"                "readline"
[157] "regenie"               "RHHsoftware"           "rst2pdf"
[160] "rstudio"               "ruby"                  "samtools"
[163] "shapeit"               "SMR"                   "snakemake"
[166] "SNP2HLA"               "snptest"               "spread-sheet-widget"
[169] "sqlite"                "sra-tools"             "ssw"
[172] "STAR"                  "stata"                 "SurvivalAnalysis"
[175] "SurvivalKit"           "tabix"                 "thunderbird"
[178] "tidy"                  "trinculo"              "trousers"
[181] "Typora"                "unbound"               "vala"
[184] "vcftools"              "VEGAS2"                "VSCode"
[187] "vte"                   "xpdf"                  "yaml-cpp"
[190] "Zotero"                "zstd"

These are wrapped up as :star::star::star: modules :star::star::star:.

The original list prior to mid-November 2022 is given below1.


We illustrate with pspp. A brief description of a module is available with

module help ceuadmin/pspp

and the module is loaded and graphical user interface (GUI)2 started with

module load ceuadmin/pspp

for version 2.0.0-pre1. Once the job is done, one can restore the previous environment with

module unload ceuadmin/pspp

Note that module add/rm is equivalent to module load/unload.

A full list of module subcommands is available with module help as detailed here for 3.2.9 – CSD3 uses version 3.2.10 dated 2012-12-21. In particular, module whatis ceuadmin/ensembl-vep indicates usage regarding build37/build38 setup for the loftee plugin used in loss of function (LoF) annotation.

Most software are available for all CSD3 users, only limited by software with excessive size / reference data – which ideally will be available from /rds/project/jmmh2/software but now /rds/project/jmmh2/rds-jmmh2-public_databases/software as a trade-off. These can largely be seen as sources which are used to build the reoository given above.

CEU users will be able to use ANNOVAR, ensembl-vep, OpenMS, polyphen, KentUtils/MAGMA/Pascal/VEGASV2/fgwas/locuszoom linking internal projects/personal space (additional requests need to be made). A large collection of R packages (1,342 as of 14/10/2023) is linked with the latest R distribution, 4.3.1.

For CEU users, it is easy to point to them, e.g.,

export HPC_WORK=/rds/user/$USER/hpc-work/
export RDS=/rds/project/jmmh2/rds-jmmh2-public_databases/software
export R_LIBS=${RDS}/R:${RDS}/R-4.3.1/library

or possible to have your own installations based on these, e.g., through creation of a modified Makefile with altered prefix followed by make install -f <modified Makefile>.

The following script tests for loading of dplyr:

export RDS=/rds/project/jmmh2/rds-jmmh2-public_databases/software
export PATH=${PATH}:${RDS}/R-4.3.1/bin
export R_LIBS=${RDS}/R-4.3.1/library:${RDS}/R
Rscript -e 'suppressMessages(library(dplyr));cat("OK!\n")'

It appears clumsy to do these every time, so an attempt is made to have them in a module, namely

module load ceuadmin/R/latest
which R
echo $R_LIBS
Rscript -e 'suppressMessages(library(dplyr));cat("OK!\n")'

For non-CEU users, please drop an email to jhz22@medschl.cam.ac.uk for access.

Module creation

The following example shows how to set up a module,


mkdir tmp-xz
cd tmp-xz
wget http://tukaani.org/xz/xz-5.2.2.tar.gz
tar zxvf xz-5.2.2.tar.gz
cd xz-5.2.2
mkdir -p /usr/local/Cluster-Apps/xz/5.2.2
export PREFIX=/usr/local/Cluster-Apps/xz/5.2.2
./configure --prefix=$PREFIX
make check
sg swinst 'make install'

cat << 'EOL' > /usr/local/Cluster-Config/modulefiles/xz/5.2.2
#%Module -*- tcl -*-
## modulefile
proc ModulesHelp { } {

  puts stderr "\tXZ Utils is free general-purpose data compression software with a high compression ratio.\n"
  puts stderr "\tInstalled under: /usr/local/Cluster-Apps/xz/5.2.2


module-whatis "xz free general-purpose data compression"

conflict xz
set               root                  /usr/local/Cluster-Apps/xz/5.2.2
prepend-path      PATH                  $root/bin
prepend-path      MANPATH               $root/man
prepend-path      LD_LIBRARY_PATH       $root/lib
prepend-path      LIBRARY_PATH          $root/lib
prepend-path      FPATH                 $root/include
prepend-path      CPATH                 $root/include
prepend-path      INCLUDE               $root/include
setenv            XZ_HOME               $root

The module is made visible through environment variable MODULEPATH. Note that there will be permission issue for a user, however, to make changes to /usr/local/Cluster-Apps.

The module files are defined at /usr/local/Cluster-Config/modulefiles/ceuadmin. Most software use gcc/6; when required it can be enabled with module load gcc/6.


Further information is avaiiable from /usr/local/Cluster-Apps/ceuadmin/doc/ceuadmin.md, ceuadmin.html.

  1. The original list was a mixture of modules and directories as follows,

    bgenix/               impute_v2.3.2_x86_64_static/  plink/                        R/                 Raremetal_linux_executables/        snptest_new/
    biobank/              interval/                     plink_1.90_beta/              raremetal_4.13/    Raremetal_linux_executables.tgz     source/
    boltlmm/              JAGS/                         plink_bgi_Dev/                raremetal_4.13.3/  raremetal.log                       stata/
    boltlmm_2.2/          LDstore/                      plink-bgi_linux_x86_64_may/   raremetal_4.13.4/  regenie/                            tabix/
    crossmap/             locuszoom/                    plink_linux_x86_64_beta2a/    raremetal_4.13.5/  samtools-1.10.tar.bz2               temp/
    exomeplus/            magma/                        plink_linux_x86_64_beta3.32/  raremetal_4.13.7/  samtools_1.2/                       vcftools/
    gcta/                 MAGMA_Celltyping/             plinkseq-0.08-x86_64/         raremetal_4.13.8/  shapeit.v2.r790.RHELS_5.4.dynamic/  vcftools_ps629/
    gtool_v0.7.5_x86_64/  metabolomics/                 plinkseq-0.10/                raremetal_4.14.0/  snptest/
    hpg/                  metal/                        pspp/                         raremetal_4.14.1/  snptest_2.5.2/
    htslib/               metal_updated/                qctool_v1.4-linux-x86_64/     raremetal_BPGen/   snptest_2.5.4_beta3/

    A grep of recent add-ons in the Genetics category is as follows,

    Date Add.ons Category
    2022-10-22 snptest/2.5.6 Genetics
    "" qctool/2.0.8 Genetics
    "" gcta/1.94.1 Genetics
    "" KING/2.1.6 Genetics
    "" LDstore/2.0 Genetics
    "" shapeit/3 Genetics
    "" vcftools/0.1.16 Genetics
    "" finemap/1.4 Genetics
    2022-10-23 quicktest/1.1 Genetics
    "" samtools/1.11 Genetics
    "" bcftools/1.12 Genetics
    "" MORGAN/3.4 Genetics
    "" METAL/2020-05-05r Genetics3
    "" regenie/3.2.1 Genetics
    "" GEMMA/0.98.5 Genetics4
    "" htslib/1.12 Genetics
    "" fcGENE/1.0.7 Genetics5
    "" SMR/1.0.3 Genetics
    "" FastQTL/2.165 Genetics
    2022-10-26 circos/0.69-9 Genetics
    "" bgen/1.1.7 Genetics
    "" DosageConverter/1.0.0 Genetics
    "" QTLtools/1.3.1-25 Genetics6
    "" blat/37x1 Genetics
    "" bedtools2/2.29.2 Genetics
    "" bedops/2.4.41 Genetics
    2022-11-03 Beagle/3.0.4 Genetics
    2022-11-08 CrossMap/0.6.4 Genetics
    "" SurvivalKit/6.12 Genetics
    "" PRSice/2.3.3 Genetics
    2022-11-09 qctool/2.2.0 Genetics
    2022-11-10 CaVEMaN/1.01-c1815a0 Genetics
    "" akt/0.3.3 Genetics
    "" MsCAVIAR/0.6.4 Genetics
    "" CAVIAR/2.2 Genetics
    "" MONSTER/1.3 Genetics
    "" osca/0.46 Genetics
    "" LEMMA/1.0.4 Genetics7
    "" CAVIARBF/0.2.1 Genetics
    2022-11-11 PAINTOR/3.0 Genetics
    2022-11-14 MR-MEGA/0.2 Genetics
    2022-11-16 SNP2HLA/1.0.3 Genetics
    "" STAR/2.7.10b Genetics
    "" Mega2/6.0.0 Genetics
    2022-11-19 ensembl-vep/104 Genetics*
    "" OpenMS/3.0.0 Genetics*8
    "" polyphen/2.2.2 Genetics*
    "" ANNOVAR/24Oct2019 Genetics*
    "" MAGENTA/vs2_July2011 Genetics*
    "" GARFIELD/v2 Genetics*
    "" KentUtils/2022-11-14 Genetics*
    2022-11-20 Genotype-Harmonizer/1.4.25 Genetics
    2022-11-21 locuszoom/1.4 Genetics*9
    "" DEPICT/v1_rel194 Genetics*
    "" MAGMA/1.10 Genetics*
    "" Pascal/v_debut Genetics*
    "" VEGAS2/2.01.17 Genetics*
    "" fgwas/0.3.6 Genetics*
    2022-12-04 phenoscanner/v2 Genetics*
    2022-12-07 SurvivalAnalysis/2016-05-09 Genetics
    2023-01-03 Eagle/2.4.1 Genetics
    2023-01-05 GEM/1.4.5 Genetics
    2023-02-01 GENEHUNTER/2.1_r6 Genetics
    2023-03-14 regenie/3.2.5 Genetics
    2023-03-24 PoGo/1.0.0 Genetics
    2023-03-31 PWCoCo/2023-03-31 Genetics10
    2023-04-02 regenie/ Genetics
    2023-04-04 PWCoCo/1.0 Genetics
    2023-06-02 regenie/3.2.7 Genetics11
    2023-06-06 allegro/2.0f Genetics
    2023-06-19 plink-ng/2.00a3.3 Genetics
    2023-06-26 RHHsoftware/0.1 Genetics
    2023-07-28 PWCoCo/1.1 Genetics
    2023-08-02 regenie/3.2.9 Genetics
    2023-08-06 finemap/1.4.2 Genetics
    2023-09-27 ncbi-vdb/3.0.8 Genetics
    2023-09-27 sra-tools/3.0.8 Genetics
    2023-09-27 gatk/ Genetics
    2023-11-24 ldsc/1.0.1 Genetics
    2023-11-30 gdc/1.6.1-1.0.0 Genetics12

    * CEU or approved users only. 

  2. GUI

    As GUI-based programs claim more computing resources, it is recommended that they are only used occasionally, e.g., calling back GitHub sessions. 

  3. Notes on METAL 2020-05-05r

    This version has options EFFECT_PRINT_PRECISION and STDERR_PRINT_PRECISION (both with default 4) to enable many decimal places.

    The letter r as in 2020-05-05r indicates a replacement of functions in libsrc/MathStats.cpp to ensure generality – details have also been posted to the GitHub page, https://github.com/statgen/METAL/issues/24.

    a too large, ITMAX too small in gamma countinued fraction (gcf)
    so the -1.info file could not be generated.

  4. Note on compiling from source

    A considerably smaller (1,097,256 vs 22,721,624) executable, /usr/local/Cluster-Apps/ceuadmin/GEMMA/0.98.5/bin, is generated under CSD3 but the original distribution is used by default.

    module load openblas/0.2.15

  5. Alternative site

    See https://github.com/dr-roshyara/fcgene 

  6. The long version number is 1.3.1-25-g6e49f85f20. 

  7. The documentation indicates a requirement of gcc/9.4, boost/1.78, OpenMP/3.1 and/or Intel MKL Library 2019 Update 1 but it is possible to proceed with gcc/11, cmake-3.19.7-gcc-5.4-5gbsejo, boost-1.66.0-gcc-5.4.0-slpq3un, ceuadmin/bgen/1.1.7. 

  8. When the OpenMS module is loaded, pyopenms and alphapept also become available. 

  9. locuszoom

    The version adds chromosome X data and will have options using INTERVAL data. 

  10. It compiles under gcc/9. Upon release of 1.1, this snapshot is removed. 

  11. Building regenie 3.2.7

    cd ~/rds/public_databases/software/
    wget -qO- https://github.com/rgcgithub/regenie/archive/refs/tags/v3.2.7.tar.gz | \
    tar xvfz -
    cd regenie-3.2.7/
    export BGEN_PATH=~/rds/public_databases/software/bgen
    module load zlib/1.2.11
    export ZLIB_LIBRARY=/usr/local/Cluster-Apps/zlib/1.2.11
    module load gcc/6
    module load cmake-3.19.7-gcc-5.4-5gbsejo
    module load intel/mkl/mic/2018.4
    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..

  12. It also includes gdc_dtt-ui 1.0.0