Installed modules

From the console we check its availability with module avail R and see

------------------------------------------------------------- /usr/local/software/modulefiles --------------------------------------------------------------
R/3.4           R/3.5           R/3.6           R/4.0.3         R/4.0.5-icelake R/4.1.0-icelake

so we can proceed with

module load R/4.0.3

The second line calls /usr/local/Cluster-Apps/R/R.4.0.3/bin/R.

Compiling from source

To compile all the PDF documentations, load texlive.

module load gcc/6
module load pcre/8.38
module load texlive
wget https://cran.r-project.org/src/base/R-4/R-4.0.0.tar.gz
tar xvfz R-4.0.0.tar.gz
cd R-4.0.0
export prefix=/rds-d4/user/$USER/hpc-work
./configure --prefix=${prefix} \
            --with-pcre1 \
            --enable-R-shlib CPPFLAGS=-I${prefix}/include LDFLAGS=-L${prefix}/lib
make install

With this setup, R CMD check --as-cran for a CRAN package check can be run smoothly.

Package reinstallation could be done with update.packages(checkBuilt = TRUE, ask = FALSE).


It may complain about libiconv.so.2,

… R: error while loading shared libraries: libiconv.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

which can be installed as follows,

wget -qO- https://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/libiconv/libiconv-1.16.tar.gz | tar xvfz -
cd libiconv-1.16
./configure --prefix=${HPC_WORK}
make install

We could also try from module avail libiconv.


The following script is used to generate ceuadmin/R/4.2.2


module load gcc/6 geos-3.6.2-gcc-5.4.0-vejexvy gettext- pcre2-10.20-gcc-5.4.0-tcuhtrb texlive
export prefix=/usr/local/Cluster-Apps/ceuadmin/R/4.2.2
cd ${prefix}
export version=4.2.2
wget -qO- https://cran.r-project.org/src/base/R-${major}/R-${version}.tar.gz | \
tar xvfz -
cd R-${version}
export gcc6=/usr/local/software/master/gcc/6
export intl=/usr/local/software/spack/spack-0.11.2/opt/spack/linux-rhel7-x86_64/gcc-5.4.0/gettext-
export HPC_WORK=/rds/user/jhz22/hpc-work
export include=${gcc6}/include:${intl}/include:${HPC_WORK}/include
export ldflags=${gcc6}/lib64:${gcc6}/lib:${intl}/lib:${HPC_WORK}/lib64:${HPC_WORK}/lib
./configure --prefix=${prefix} \
            --with-pcre2 \
            --enable-R-shlib CPPFLAGS=-I${include} LDFLAGS=-L${ldflags} LIBS=-ltinfo LIBS=-lintl
make install


26/3/2022 Update

module load R/4.1.0-icelake will enable R 4.1.0 from icelake.

As CSD3 often experiences problem from the login nodes, it is then desirable to use login-icelake.hpc.cam.ac.uk.

However, there will be complaints about availability of libreadline.so.6 and then libiccuuc.so.50 which can be got around with their installations.

error while loading shared libraries: libreadline.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
error while loading shared libraries: libicuuc.so.50: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
error while loading shared libraries: libgnutls.so.28: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
libpng15.so.15: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The setup below complies with ordinary login nodes.

wget -qO- --no-check-certificate https://ftp.gnu.org/pub/pub/gnu/readline/readline-6.3.tar.gz | tar xfvz -
cd readline-6.3/
./configure --prefix=${HPC_WORK} --enable-shared --with-curses
make install

where ncurses can be installed as follows (recent version actually is with libtinfo.so, e.g., LDFLAGS=-L$HPC_WORK/lib LIBS=-ltinfo),

wget -qO- https://invisible-mirror.net/archives/ncurses/current/ncurses.tar.gz | \
tar xfz -
cd ncurses-6.3-20221224/
./configure --prefix=$HPC_WORK --with-shared --enable-termcap
make install

while libicuuc.so.50 can be installed following similar procedure, their availability is as follows,

Finally, libgnutls.so.281 requires nettle-2.7.1.

module load autogen-5.18.12-gcc-5.4.0-jn2mr4n
module load gettext-

cd ${HPC_WORK}
wget -qO- wget http://www.lysator.liu.se/~nisse/archive/nettle-2.7.1.tar.gz | \
tar xfvz -
cd nettle-2.7.1/
configure --prefix=$HPC_WORK --with-include-path=$HPC_WORK/include --with-lib-path=$HPC_WORK/lib:$HPC_WORK/lib64 --enable-mini-gmp
make install
wget --no-check-certificate https://www.gnupg.org/ftp/gcrypt/gnutls/v3.2/gnutls-3.2.21.tar.xz
tar xf gnutls-3.2.21.tar.xz
cd gnutls-3.2.21/
./configure --prefix=${HPC_WORK} --enable-shared --disable-non-suiteb-curves
make install

The libpng15.so can be made available from a standard GNU-ware installation as follows,

cd ${HPC_WORK}
wget -qO- https://sourceforge.net/projects/libpng/files/libpng15/1.5.30/libpng-1.5.30.tar.gz | \
tar xvfz -
cd libpng-1.5.30
./configure --prefix=$HPC_WORK
make install

nano editor

It is relatively easy to set up nano, but one has to use the usual login node,

module load gcc/6
wget -qO- --no-check-certificate https://nano-editor.org/dist/v6/nano-6.0.tar.gz | \
tar xfz -
cd nano-6.0
configure --prefix=${HPC_WORK}
make install

The executable thus obtained also runs under icelake.


We rather attemp to mirror efforts for nano,

wget -qO- wget https://alpine.x10host.com/alpine/release/src/alpine-2.25.tar.xz | \
tar Jxf -
cd alpine-2.25

but pico, pilot and alpine obtained from the usual login node do not work, and we have to do these under icelake whose executables require TCL 8.6 under the usual login node where we amend them with

module load tcl-8.6.6-gcc-5.4.0-mongkp2

i.e., loading libtcl8.6.so. Take forward this idea, we could create two files,


export alpine=${HOME}/alpine-2.25
module load tcl-8.6.6-gcc-5.4.0-mongkp2
${alpine}/pico/pico $@

called pico.sh and


export alpine=${HOME}/alpine-2.25
module load tcl-8.6.6-gcc-5.4.0-mongkp2
${alpine}/pico/pilot $@

called pilot.sh, respectively. Then the two commands can be used both from the usual login nodes as well as icelake.

For alpine we get alpine/alpine: /usr/lib64/libcrypt.so.1: version XCRYPT_2.0' not found (required by alpine/alpine)`. Nevertheless we might compile two sets of executables under the usual login node and icelake, respectively.

Additional information is available from https://alpine.x10host.com/alpine/release/.

  1. On CSD3, there is a more recent module nettle-3.4-gcc-5.4.0-2mdpaut. Moreover, with 3.5 there is also an option --with-included-unistring during configuration.

    Version 3.7.8 requires libunistring (optionally –with-included-unistring), libidn2, libunbound, and trousers.

    ./configure --prefix=$HPC_WORK --with-included-unistring --with-nettle-mini --enable-ssl3-support \
                CFLAGS=-I$HPC_WORK/include LDFLAGS=-L$HPC_WORK/lib LIBS=-lunbound LIBS=-ltspi --enable-sha1-support --disable-guile

    It is necessary to edit lib/pkcs11_privkey.c to make ck_rsa_pkcs_pss_params definition explicit. Then there is error with guile so we use –disable-guile.