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We can set up a version as follows,

cd ${HPC_WORK}/
wget -qO- | \
tar xvfz -
cd citeproc-
module load cabal/ gcc/6
cabal install --installdir=${HPC_WORK}/bin exe:citeproc

We have error messages as follows,

[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( app/Main.hs, dist/build/citeproc/citeproc-tmp/Main.o )

app/Main.hs:35:36: error:
    • Variable not in scope: (<>) :: IO () -> [Char] -> IO a0
    • Perhaps you meant one of these:
        ‘<|>' (imported from Control.Applicative),
        ‘<$>' (imported from Prelude), ‘*>' (imported from Prelude)
35 |     putStrLn $ "citeproc version " <> VERSION_citeproc
   |                                    ^^
cabal: Failed to build exe:citeproc from citeproc- See the build log
above for details.

and we change <> to <|> at line 35 of app/Main.hs and repeat the last command with success.

An executable file can also be generated with

cabal build --enable-executable-static

An example use with pandoc:

pandoc --citeproc --mathjax -s -o index.html

where contains lines,

title: Shiny for Genetic Analysis Package (gap) Designs
    mathjax:  default
    fig_caption:  true
    toc: true
    section_numbering: true
bibliography: shinygap.bib
vignette: >
  %\VignetteIndexEntry{Shiny for Genetic Analysis Package (gap) Designs}

# Appendix: Theory for gap designs

## Family-based and population-based designs

See the R/gap package vignette jss or @zhao07.

## Case-cohort design

### Power

Following @cai04, we have

where $\alpha$ is the significance level, $\theta$ is the log-hazard ratio for
two groups, $p_j, j = 1, 2$, are the proportion of the two groups
in the population ($p_1 + p_2 = 1$), $\tilde{n}$ is the total number of subjects in the subcohort, $p_D$ is the proportion of the failures in
the full cohort, and $q$ is the sampling fraction of the subcohort.

### Sample size

$$\tilde{n}=\frac{nBp_D}{n-B(1-p_D)}$$ where $B=\frac{Z_{1-\alpha}+Z_\beta}{\theta^2p_1p_2p_D}$ and $n$ is the whole cohort size.

# References

and shinygap.bib contains two entries,

   author = {Cai, J. and Zeng, D.},
   title = {Sample size/power calculation for case–cohort studies},
   journal = {Biometrics},
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   Author = {Zhao, J. H.},
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We would like to use available styles as well from, after which we add the following after the command bibliography.

csl: biomed-central.csl