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It is a python-based workflow management system.



We illustrate installation through fastqc and mamba at designated location.

module load miniconda3/4.5.1
export mypath=${HOME}/COVID-19/miniconda37
conda create --prefix ${mypath} python=3.7 ipykernel
conda init bash
source ~/.bashrc
source activate ${mypath}
conda install -c conda-forge mamba
mamba install -c bioconda snakemake-minimal
conda install -c bioconda snakemake
conda install -c bioconda fastqc
snakemake --help
conda deactivate

By default, the installation path is ${HOME}/.conda/envs/miniconda37.

After installation, the call later on will be simpler,

module load miniconda3/4.5.1
export mypath=${HOME}/COVID-19/miniconda37
source activate ${mypath}

CSD3 module

This is available with

module load ceuadmin/snakemake/7.19.1
snakemake --help


module load miniconda3/4.5.1
source activate /usr/local/Cluster-Apps/ceuadmin/snakemake/7.19.1
snakemake --help
source deactivate


The --cluster-config specification has been extended several ways, e.g.,

Python functions

The mysterious expand() function can be explicitly exploited,

>>> from import expand, glob_wildcards
>>> expand("{a}-{b}.tst",a=['a', 'b', 'c'],b=[1, 2, 3])
['a-1.tst', 'a-2.tst', 'a-3.tst', 'b-1.tst', 'b-2.tst', 'b-3.tst', 'c-1.tst', 'c-2.tst', 'c-3.tst']
>>> expand("{sample}_{id}.txt", zip, sample=["a", "b", "c"], id=["1", "2", "3"])
['a_1.txt', 'b_2.txt', 'c_3.txt']
>>> proteins = glob_wildcards('METAL/{metal}-chrX-1.tbl.gz').metal
>>> len(proteins)

Note the zip argument which prevents expanding every combinations.


1. hello world

wget -qO- | \
tar xvfz -
cd snakemake-7.12.0/examples/c/src
snakemake -j4

Hello makefiles!

as others from the GitHub/examples directory.

2. MRpipeline (MRcovid)

3. CVD1-HF analysis

4. DrugTargetMethodComparison

5. gwas-sumstats-harmoniser (Nextflow)


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