Official page: https://poppler.freedesktop.org/.


We work on the latest version, 0.84.0.

module load xz/5.2.2
wget https://poppler.freedesktop.org/poppler-0.84.0.tar.xz
tar xf poppler-0.84.0.tar.xz
cd poppler-0.84.0
mkdir build
cd build
module load gcc/5
module load boost-1.58.0-gcc-5.4.0-onpiqcr
module load libiconv-1.15-gcc-5.4.0-ymwv5vs
module load lcms-2.8-gcc-5.4.0-oaipjmr
module load openjpeg-2.1-gcc-5.4.0-myd2p3o
make install

Note it is necessary to change prefix, cc and c++ to gcc and g++ in line with gcc/5, e.g.,


which could be done by editing CMakeCache.txt and/or calling ccmake .. After these we have the followihg utilities: pdfattach, pdfdetach, pdffonts, pdfimages, pdfinfo, pdfseparate, pdftocairo, pdftohtml, pdftoppm, pdftops, pdftotext, pdfunite, and following libraries: libpoppler.so, libpoppler-cpp.so, libpoppler-glibc.so, libpoppler-qt5.so.

Note that poppler-cpp.pc is installed at hpc-work/lib64/pkgconfig and preferably in the search path with

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$HPC_WORK/lib/pkgconfig:$HPC_WORK/lib64/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH

after which we could install R/pdftools from CRAN.

Note also the packages R/Rpoppler, pdftools and qpdf from CRAN.


There is complaint from nss on nspr,

-- Checking for module 'nss>=3.19'
--   Found nss, version 3.67.0
Package 'NSS-UTIL' requires 'nspr >= 4.30.0' but version of NSPR is 4.10.0

so we furnish this with

wget -qO- https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/nspr/releases/v4.35/src/nspr-4.35.tar.gz | tar xvfz -
module unload gcc/6
cd nspr-4.35/
cd nspr
./configure --prefix=${HPC_WORK}
make install

Note the default gcc/4.8.5 has to be used rather than gcc/6. Upon completion, we succeed with

cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local/Cluster-Apps/ceuadmin/poppler/0.84  -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release
make install


The -DENABLE_UNSTABLE_API_ABI_HEADERS=ON flags above enables pdf2djvu to be compiled. The headers are not installed by default but to pass -DENABLE_UNSTABLE_API_ABI_HEADERS=ON (for Poppler >= 0.78) or -DENABLE_XPDF_HEADERS=ON (for older Popplers) to cmake; or pass –enable-xpdf-headers to configure.

wget https://github.com/jwilk/pdf2djvu/releases/download/0.9.19/pdf2djvu-0.9.19.tar.xz
tar xf pdf2djvu-0.9.19.tar.xz
cd pdf2djvu-0.9.19
./configure --prefix=${HPC_WORK}
module load gettext-
module load libuuid-1.0.3-gcc-5.4.0-weheiii
make install

This appears better than https://pdf2djvu.com/.

It is preferable to have GraphicsMagick++ installed,

wget -qO- https://sourceforge.net/projects/graphicsmagick/files/graphicsmagick/1.3.38/GraphicsMagick-1.3.38.tar.gz/download | \
tar xfz -
cd GraphicsMagick-1.3.38/
./configure --prefix=$HPC_WORK --enable-shared
make install

Note we explicitly enables shared libraries to be called.