Green Algorithms

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Source at GitHub:

CSD3 location

10/08/2023 Update: module 0.3 available.
module load ceuadmin/GreenAlgorithms4HPC/0.3
26/11/2022 Update: it is available as a module.
module load ceuadmin/GreenAlgorithms4HPC/0.2.2-beta

For CEU users, the location of the script is as follows,


It is possible to use this directly,

/rds/project/jmmh2/rds-jmmh2-projects/inouye_lab_other/share_space/GreenAlgorithms4HPC/ --help

which gives the following output,

Python versions: OK
Virtualenv: OK
usage: [-h] [-S STARTDAY] [-E ENDDAY] [--filterCWD]
                                 [--filterJobIDs FILTERJOBIDS] [--reportBug]

Calculate your carbon footprint on My cluster.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        The first day to take into account, as YYYY-MM-DD
                        (default: 2022-01-01)
  -E ENDDAY, --endDay ENDDAY
                        The last day to take into account, as YYYY-MM-DD
                        (default: today)
  --filterCWD           Only report on jobs launched from the current
                        Comma seperated list of Job IDs you want to filter on.
  --reportBug           In case of a bug, this flag logs jobs informations so
                        that we can fix it. Note that this will write out some
                        basic information about your jobs, such as runtime,
                        number of cores and memory usage.
  --reportBugHere       Similar to --reportBug, but exports the output to your
                        home folder


We can also install a specific copy,

git clone
cd GreenAlgorithms4HPC
chmod +x

and then call as follows, --help --startDay 2022-01-01 --endDay 2022-05-31


Lannelongue L, Grealey J, Inouye M. Green Algorithms: Quantifying the Carbon Footprint of Computation. Advance Science 8(12), 2021,